In a world so chaotic, I want to show the beauty and elegance of raw moments. 
The serenity in the midst of chaos.

I experiment with film cameras to express myself artistically. I embrace all of the imperfections, allowing those flaws to add to the originality of the photograph. I look through the lens, to really to see the beauty; letting go of all control, living in the moment that is presented to me and not allowing the preconceptions of what we are supposed to see.

With the world so equipment obsessed, it is much easier to speak about the gadgets and process rather than the art itself. The public believes that the brand of the camera is responsible for the quality of work. It accentuates the machine rather than the man, the tool rather than the artist, the technology, rather than artistic intent.

There is nothing like the magical moment when the film image is first viewed.
delicious ambiguity.

I'd like to introduce you to the magical world i know. come follow along on my journey, look for beauty in the space between and slip into a reverie.

this is wanderlust through my eyes.
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